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This idea for this project grew out of conversations between local historian Neil Storey, members of the Cawston Historical Society and Media Projects East. The society has a well established web site here, and the team decided it would be very worthwhile to build on the research it contains by collecting reminiscences from the older village residents.

To make it an intergenerational project, the team invited Cawston Primary School to recruit a group of young animators. Their job was to choose some of the funniest and strangest stories provided by our interviewees, and bring them to life using cut out animation techniques. Some of the young people also helped out by developing their skills as interviewers. A further team of young actors from Cawston Amateur Theatrical Society created a re-enactment of the last duel to take place on Norfolk soil.

The entire team thoroughly enjoyed the experience of working on the film and animations. The older residents took great pleasure in recounting their tales to the primary students, who in turn, were very creative in interpreting them through their art work. The head teacher of Cawston Primary was particularly impressed by the scholarly and artistic approaches taken by her students.

The team also made extensive use of archive film and photography, provided by the society, local residents and the Norman Collection. Des Cook, chair of the society, deserves a special mention for his tireless support in providing access to the village archive, and acting as go between to ensure participants from the village were able to fully engage in the project.

The film premiere was attended by most of the project participants, whose pleasure at seeing their stories brought to life was palpable throughout the show. The Cawston Brass Band added a fitting touch of ceremony to the occasion by performing a number of their best love hits from their extensive repertoire.


Animation and Interviews
George Rumsby
David Dawber
Jakob Reid
Millie Hilldrup
James Sanson
Sam Turrell
Heather Philp
Maisie Howard
Jacob Hurr
Lily Munro-Oakley

Supported by
Kay Swann
Daniel Page
Laura Munro-Oakley
Steve Munro-Oakley
Sarah Shippey
Kathleen Schuil
Brian Schuil
Tony McCoan
Angela Turrell
Phil Turrell

Animation Director
Britta Pollmuller

Camera and Editing
Martin Sercombe

Interviews and Historical Consultancy
Neil Storey

Production Support
Des Cook

Duel Re-Enactment
Sarah Shippey
Pippa Beard
Beth Cook
Liz Beard
Rebecca Wade
David Nunn
Tony Hilton

Mary Gurteen
Brian Brownsell
David Forster
Sylvia Raven
Des Cook
Theresa Carman
John Gilbert
Jean Briggs
Trudie Wilkinson
Alan Lee
Brian Turner
Ivan Purdy
Beryl Rounce
Peggy Payne
Richard Howard
David Kett
Phyllis Horner
Eileen Oakes
Ian Clarke

Archive Film
The Norman Collection

Archive Photography
Cawston Historical Society
and the contributors

Music by
Cawston Brass Band
Paul Mottram
Terry Devine King
Chris Warner
Lincoln Grounds
Richard Rayner
Richard Lacy
Barrie Gledden
David Kelly

With many thanks to
Cawston VC Primary School
Cawston Historical Society
Cawston Brass Band
Cawston Amateur Theatrical Society
Cecil Cawston Memorial Institute
and all who helped
in the making of this film