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Cawston Band in The Village Hall. Find out more >
Noah Betts and Reggie Carman. Find out more >
Marshall Howard and his Employees in 1909. Find out more >
The White Mill at Sygate. Find out more >
The Animation Team and Supporters. Find out more >
Still from a Farming Animation. Find out more >


This series of short films takes a very personal view of how life has changed in the village of Cawston, Norfolk, UK within living memory.

Village residents were invited to record reminiscences and share their photos of past times. A team of youngsters from Cawston Primary then chose the funniest stories to illustrate through cut out animations. The team also visited key historical sites, such as the Cawston Duel Stone and the Old Water Tower. Take a look Behind the Scenes to learn more about how the films were made. Our Research Links page will lead to you to other Norfolk local history resources. For more information about Cawston and its history, please visit the Historical Society web site here.

The project was managed by Media Projects East, in partnership with the Cawston Heritage Society and local author Neil Storey. It was funded through a Heritage Lottery Sharing Heritage grant.

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Villagers recount stories from their early childhood, including memories of air raids, pranks and holiday adventures.
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National Lottery / Shaw Trust / Media Projects East