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Media Workshops

This showreel contains short extracts from five projects involving young people. It includes Green Machine, Finding the Fallen, Gone Too Far, Bubbletown and Our World.

We offer a wide range of media workshops for schools and adult learners around live action film-making and animation. We can provide four live action production kits or four animation rostrums for classroom or group projects. This allows us to support up to 24 learners at once, working in one to four production teams.

We teach live action drama and documentary, plasticine or 2D animation, shadow and live puppetry, still photography and machinima (film making in a virtual world.)

We have a portable blue screen studio for chromakey work and four laptops for teaching editing skills. Animation can be made to full high definition broadcast standard using Dragon Stop Motion and Nikon DSLR cameras.

Models of Working

Projects can be designed around three basic models: a taster day, mid scale and large scale projects.

Taster Days
These are ideal for providing a basic introduction to a production medium. A typical one day brief might involve making animated haiku poems, or shooting and editing a live action story in 6 shots.

Mid Scale Projects (3 4 days)
Mid scale projects allow time for learners to gain a fuller understanding of the production process and gain a wider range of skills. Generally, the first day will involve planning, storyboarding, model making and set design or drama rehearsals. Film production or animation takes place on the second day, whilst music composition, voice over work and video editing are completed on the third. (We often allow a further day of studio time to tidy up loose ends and duplicate DVDs.)

Large Scale Projects (10 12 days)
Large scale projects normally require external funding. We have secured grants from The Big Lottery, Mediabox, First Light, Arts Council England and other funders in the past. The brief is normally developed in consultation with partners and learners prior to a grant application. As a rule of thumb, a production team can produce a high quality three five minute animation in this time. A live action drama or mixed media production might run for 10 15 mins.

To see examples of large scale youth led work, please visit the Project pages.


"I am impressed with the skills and imagination of the (Our Future) team members, skills that have been acquired through an innovative training course. The significance of this British contribution to the European Year of Disabled People cannot be under-estimated."
His Royal Highness
The Duke of Kent KG