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Virtual Learning

A short presentation by Britta Pollmuller about film making in Second Life.

Our company is a pioneer in the field of teaching film making on the virtual learning platform, Second Life. We have worked with several international organisations to develop this style of work, including The Open University, The Eastern Leadership Centre and Skoolaborate.

Second Life allows film students from all over the world to meet and learn together in a virtual environment. Its user interface is complete with all the tools needed to make films then exhibit them to an international audience. Students can build sets, rehearse as avatars (virtual actors), direct and shoot scenes, then edit the resulting material using standard software tools. This style of film-making is known as Machinima.

To run a Machinima project, your organisation will need an IT suite with a workstation for each learner, and a fast broadband connection.

Teaching Machinima

Students worked with Britta Pollmuller in Schome Park, a virtual learning island managed by the Open University, to create a machinima version of the Titanic saga. Read the planning blog produced by the team

Read an interview with Britta about teaching media and machinima in Second Life