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Changing Horizons 2011

Changing Horizons is a video and performance project about a migrant family living in Great Yarmouth. Joc Mack, Creative Director of the project, said: “We experimented with live drama, video and dance to explore the joys and traumas of life in a migrant community.

The piece was performed by live and virtual (projected) actors in Montpellier, France in April 2011. Whilst there the team met with theatre practitioners from Belgium, Aruba, France, Turkey and Holland to exchange ideas and compare stylistic approaches. The funding will also allow the British performers to develop their creative practice through further exchange visits with the partners.

The project has also allowed the company to work with young people from the Great Yarmouth area, making a short drama called "A Fresh Start." It explores the sometimes traumatic experience young people can have making the transition from home life to independence.

The project is being supported by Norfolk County Council, National Drama and the Grundtvig Lifelong Learning Programme.